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Community. EHTHS Rowing began 16 seasons ago, aided by a resourceful group determined to establish a public school program for a sport that doesn’t quite fit in a public school budget. An 8-seat shell (boat) costs over
$30,000! SMens 8chool funds commensurate with other sports seed the program, but realistically can’t reach levels  needed to equip and develop rowers to compete with private schools with deep endowments and  50+ year legacies. We’ve grown from a handful of rowers using one overweight, secondhand shell, to over 100 rowers and $575,000+ in equipment that requires systemic upkeep and replacement. Costs for shells, gear, regatta fees, and assistant coaches to accommodate a growing roster are all borne by EHTHS Crew Boosters (a 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Charitable Organization). The EHT community has supported the Crew Boosters with a sporting and generous spirit over the years. That is the way our team flourishes.

Developing Youth  Crew is an exceptionally demanding aerobic and anaerobic team sport. Rowers must achieve impressive strength and endurance, master technique that’s unlike any other activity, and learn to row in perfect harmony with others. Success comes from 3-hour daily practices
in season, extended weekend and Spring Break workouts, and optional off-season programs in which more than 50% of our team participates. It all culminates in an adrenalin-charged sprint for the finish line where rowers find new depths to their strength and will. Rowing builds character that translates to success off the water as well: many of our rowers are also Varsity Scholars and National Honor Society members. Rowers have consistently earned more college athletic scholarships per year than any other EHTHS sport, totaling more than $2.9M since 2007!  Opportunities for higher education plus a foundation for lifelong fitness, personal discipline, commitment and teamwork are what’s being built here, one stroke at a time.

Pride  We’ve grown from a modest start into a team that wins. Competition at our top two regattas is not regional, but national, and the ‘medal haul’ for EHTHS rowers in the last five years is impressive!  Our 2010 Women’s Varsity Four placed 2nd among an elite international field at the Women’s Henley Regatta held outside of London, England. We know success is built upon community support that makes expert coaching and race-class equipment available for matching with our rowers’ skill and dedication.  We’re proud and honored to be…EHT!
2008-2015 Race Results EHTHS Medals Earned
Gold Silver Bronze
Atlantic County Championships 34 18 4
Garden State Championships 17 13 10
Philadelphia City Regatta 9 4 9
Stotesbury Cup Regatta 6 2 2
Scholastic Rowing Assoc. of America National Regatta 5 1 6
Mercer County Sprints 2

Exposure  We live in a region rich in rowing tradition. The US rowing center is near Princeton. Philadelphia’s Schuylkill River is a famed race venue, where more than 50,000 family, friends, and rowing enthusiasts gather each May for the Stotesbury Cup Regatta: the world’s largest HS rowing event. There are 750-800 rowers that hail from eleven South Jersey HS rowing programs. Regattas that EHTHS attends in Philadelphia, at Lake Lenape in Mays Landing, and at the Cooper River in Collingswood, NJ draw 2500-3000 SouthJersey rowers and spectators among their audiences. We look forward to recognizing
our sponsors on our web and social media sites with a banner we’ll display prominently at all races and community fundraising events (such as annual Spring and Mother’s Day flower sales) on our team utility trailer that’s towed to all races, and with a local newspaper acknowledgement during the May championship regatta season.



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