Egg Harbor Township High School Crew Boosters

Spring Flower sale


EHT CREW Annual Spring Flower Sale is usually held on a Friday and Saturday from 7:00 am until 6:00 pm at Wawa on the corner of Ocean Heights and English Creek Avenues.  This event is one of our biggest fundraisers and requires everyone's participation.  Rowers need to check with their coaches prior to signing up for a shift to prevent any conflict.  Adults/parents should check with their rower(s) before signing up for a shift, too.  You're more than welcome to sign up to work multiple shifts, however it is required that you work at least one.  NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED!  Adults/parents need only to know how to be courteous, friendly, and helpful.  Rowers will make and hold signs to solicit and attract motor traffic to the tent area/flower sale between WaWa and High School Drive.  Please wear comfortable shoes, and dress appropriately by wearing your favorite EHT CREW clothing.  Show the community we are EHT CREW and proud of it!     Details: Shifts are 2 hours each.   Participants:  Adults and rowers only.  (No siblings). Dads are needed to help with tent set-up on Thursday night from 6:00 pm until ??? (approximately 45 minutes to an hour).  Thanks, and see you at the Flower Sale next year.

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