Egg Harbor Township High School Crew Boosters

Please support Egg Harbor Township Crew Boosters in this year-round fundraising campaign.

EHT Crew Boosters will sell ACME and ShopRite Gift Cards at face value throughout the year to earn a profit. Taking part is easy, with just a slight twist to your grocery shopping routine. We are asking crew families to simply make a habit of buying gift cards from EHT Crew Boosters and use them to pay for normal grocery purchases. ACME and ShopRite will return 5% to our organization for all store purchases paid for with our gift cards. Use the button to the right to open our online order form. Pay for your cards when they are picked up with cash or a check made out to EHT Crew Boosters. Gift cards work like debit cards at the stores. Each purchase reduces the remaining balance on the card until the face value is all used up, then the card can be thrown away. They don’t expire so you can purchase a supply in advance to use over time, or buy them week-to-week. The cards don’t have names on them, so you can give them to anyone to spend. You pay only face value for the cards, so there is no extra expense to you, only profit potential for our team that is directly tied to how much shopping we’re willing to shift to these cards!

Any cards purchased will help the team, but the real keys to making this successful are to get a sizeable group of team families participating on a consistent basis and making a majority of their grocery purchases with the cards. We’re kicking this off in time for holiday shopping. We hope you will support us! • On the order form you can request that we contact you or add a note regarding what will work best for you to pick up your cards. We’ll work with you on this! GIFT CARD INCOME POTENTIAL Fifty (50) families spending $100/week on groceries = $260,000/yr. 5% of $260,000 = $13,000 profit potential. We have over 100 crew families. Imagine the $$$ we could make with little effort!